Work Outs

powerbodiesPower Bodies: Program for muscular endurance and strength for the whole body. Dumbbells, tires, and even step, assist in switching the slowdown.

Pilates: Fitness program that focuses on the back and abdomen muscles, helping to correct the posture of the spinal column and consequently it corrects the whole body.



Low Express: Aerobic workout with basic steps in simple combinations. Addressed to all levels.






Fatburning: Intense training program. The biggest part of it, is an aerobic workout. The rest is more dynamic. We finish with stretching. Practice hard.






Hips/Abs: Dynamic half-hour workouts for everybody. The first part is a workout for the buttocks, the abductors and the adductors. The second part is dedicated to the abs and the back.




Tubes: Program with rubber for the whole body. Intense workout through powerful exercises for immediate results. Do not miss it.




straps: Exercises with straps to improve neuromuscular assembly and power.






Steps: Basic aerobic steps (up and down from the platform) and 20 minutes for the abdominals and the back.




Yoga: Three intensity levels for physical and mental development.






Zumba: It's gymnastics, it is dance, it is the new craze in Latin rhythms which conquered the world and especially Greece.






Kick Boxing: Fight your limits with Fighters.






Fit/Flex: Drills for the whole body and development of muscular flexibility.




Bodypump: Dynamic exercises with barbell for the whole body.




Body Building: Muscle growth exercises using free weights and machines.